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Our Journey

As the proud owners of East Austin Pizza Kitchen, Lili and I knew from the beginning that we wanted to specialize in good comfort food. After countless hours of experimentation, we finally created a menu that we were truly proud of. We use only the freshest ingredients and make our dough from scratch, incorporating unique flavors and spices to give our pizza a distinctive taste.

We poured all of our love and energy into the restaurant, and soon the word began to spread about our delicious food and warm, welcoming atmosphere. East Austin Pizza Kitchen quickly became a local favorite, and we were thrilled to see people coming from all over the city to try our mouth-watering pizzas and other comfort food dishes.

Now, our restaurant is a bustling hotspot that truly embodies the spirit of our can-do attitude. We are so proud to be a part of the East Austin Colony community and to provide delicious, comforting food to the amazing people who live there. We invite everyone to come and give our pizza spot a try, and we promise that you won't be disappointed!

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